Creative Director & Entrepreneur Jonathan Tuil is Taking the Industry By Storm

Jonathan Tuil is a media entrepreneur, designer, stylist, producer, creative marketer, and creative director. He creates and produces content, styles and manages videos and photography, and also styles individuals and brands. He offers his creative vision to identify how to boost a brands visual and physical likeness. Brands are drawn to him as an artist because of his large network; he delivers only the highest quality. He understands the market not just from a creative space, but also from an analytical one, understanding the demographic in target markets. Jonathan is an expert in turning the data into physical tangible results, and adapting to the market as trends shift.

Jonathan Tuil is a first generation American born in Los Angeles. From a young age, his parents allowed him to see the world and let him explore his many passions, giving him a distinct advantage over his competition. 

“As I grew up I developed a passion for fashion and media, and rather than get straight A’s in school, I spent it studying business and trying to get involved in internships. As early as 15 I was working in New York for a brand called Faraone Mennella, I would work the sales floor in Bergdorf Goodman and Henry Bendel on 5th Ave, along with closely working with the designers as they developed these high-end pieces,” he shares.

Jonathan ended up graduating from Beverly Hills High School and went to the American University of Rome. He stayed for four years, majoring in Communications and Psychology, and learned to speak Italian. During his last years he got in contact with the owners of a brand called Brandy Melville. He ended up working for them and became the Head of Accessory Design. This allowed him to travel all over Europe while learning and being exposed to a large industry in fashion and how trends were created. After graduating from school, he came back to Los Angeles and immediately got in contact with the designer Carl Jones who started the brand called Cross Colours. A year and a half later, Jonathan started to work independently as a fashion stylist and creative director, even modeling for brands to open more doors for him.

During this period in his life, Jonathan began building a strong network with both brands and celebrities.

Jonathan began producing his own content with his own network after a short period of time and began working with more brands as a media consultant and creative stylist. Over the course of the past eleven years, he has now gotten involved in all forms of media. His skill set encapsulates a large spectrum. He is able to understand the many languages in media and can digest both the creative and business functionality.  

“I am currently working on many more projects and hope to soon expand and grow, while getting more involved in investments in startup companies. I know I can offer a unique skill set to both a company and individual, I cater to many problems and can find solutions within my own network. I can create a team and produce content,” he says.

What motivated Jonathan to start his business was setting the bar high for quality and trying to engineer his own path to success.

“I always wanted to do things my own way. A lot of people did not see the same vision I did. That further motivated me to push and prove to myself that I knew what I was doing was valuable; to create a lane that very few have taken. I want to carve my destiny and create a legacy. I hope my kids can be proud of their father one day, and set them up for success in the future,” he states.

The biggest obstacle that he faces was being taken seriously as a creative director and designer. Jonathan spent many years working for free and producing his own content. 

“No one believed in me or thought what I was doing was a viable job, so purservering past that was a huge accomplishment for me. Gaining the much needed trust amongst both brands and individuals took time and patience,” he says.

He has now managed to snag cover shoots in prestigious magazines such as NUDE Magazine, while being the first ever creative director to do so. He has also styled some of the biggest celebrities and influencers, proving that he has managed to make himself a very relevant figure in the industry.

What sets him apart from the competition is that he fully customizes the experience of the job.  This allows him to connect with his clients’ energies and give them his full attention and service from conceptual to end result.

“I hand pick my teams for each project individually according to each area of expertise. In the media world every department depending on their job speak their own language on set. I have the unique ability to understand these different languages and reiterating them back to a different group allowing a strong flow among the entire team working,” he states.

For Jonathan, getting the right team together, finding the people who would him him with his operations, proved to be one of the biggest elements for his success. 

“A strong foundation can make or break a business and having the wrong partners can destroy a business.  Always have partners who you trust and who understands the numbers, you want them to love your business as much as you do,” he advises.

He is currently working on a few different projects. He is currently designing a collection for DTLA Brand based out of Los Angeles. He is revitalizing the brands current look and will be releasing the new collection early 2020. He also just resigned as Creative Director and Marketing for KidsofBrokenFuture second collection based in Milan, Italy. He is in the process of shooting the final episodes of a youtube mini series that is he co-producing with Gary Michael Walters called LifeInLAProject.

“We have Tyler Shields as a cinematographer on the project, along with some young big name actors. I am also styling some clients before the end of the year, like Cameron Dallas and Christian Combs,” he shares.

Jonathan Tuil has created a business where he is confident in his work and is able to deliver on projects and utilize his network to grow his businesses organically. He has managed to create a name for himself that is now widely respected in the industry, but is not done yet. He plans to continue building his portfolio, and doing everything and anything he can to continue on this creative journey. To follow this entrepreneur on Instagram, please click here.

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