David Albanese: Is connected to some of the Largest Central California’s Cannabis Company

David Albanese is the true definition of serial entrepreneur. A real estate agent turned cannabis businessman, David is an individual of many talents. Having been associated with the real estate industry and the retail industry; working at convenience stores, laundromats, night-clubs, restaurants, general construction with a pool company, landscaping, and remodeling. There isn’t anything David hasn’t tried.  

Eddie Mora the CEO of High Farms Delivery LLC and subsidiary of High Farms says “without the support, guidance and team that David help put in place it would have been impossible to accomplish what seemed like just a dream a few short months ago. He helped take me from the medical to the recreational market of the Cannabis industry.”

David is an expert in business acquisition, creating opportunities in both the medical and recreational cannabis industry through social media. He currently operates High Farms, a portfolio of cannabis technology companies, cultivation, manufacturing and delivery. With David’s leadership, High Farms successfully assists Canadian companies’ cannabis operation in the states.

“I like to think of High Farms as a way for the individual to go from the Gray to the White market in the industry,” he says.  

High Farms helps growers develop their own business and transition into the legal market; merging the industry gaps together. High Farms also deals with equity stacks in companies and consults with them, helping them find funding and strategic partnerships.

In addition to this, David has also been a real estate broker for the past 14 years. David’s real estate firm focuses both on home sales and investment acquisition of properties and management of residential and commercial properties. David also operates a multi-million dollar construction and maintenance pool company that handles remodels  and creates over 50 new pools per year. 

David’s motivation to get started in the world of business came from watching his mother struggle on a daily basis to keep him and his sibling safe and to put food on the table. 

“As a kid I recall my mom collecting cans and making food for others to sell, in order to pay the electric bill to keep the lights on,” he says. 

Like many entrepreneurs, David had to deal with an obstacle time and time again, but it was his mindset that helped him overcome them all. 

“Obstacles come in all shapes and sizes, and I don’t feel any one is worse than the other, but having the right mindset is usually the hardest to achieve… Being in the right mindset especially after you keep failing is tough,” he shares. 

In his time, David consults with current business owners and mentors future entrepreneurs, advising them to not allow anyone to tell them that something is not possible. 

“Don’t allow your environment and your circumstances to hold you back. Don’t allow the ones you love to keep you down,” he says.

David is truly motivated to help other aspiring entrepreneurs get over the mental hump of “I want to do this…. If I had this… I could do this… Or I have this dream but need money to execute… Or it takes money to make money.”

“When I started in the real estate and business world. I was assisting many investors with acquisition of properties and flipping them. I had hundreds of opportunities come my way to make tens of thousands of dollars. I had a great opportunity when  one investor saw that I was working hard and helping others. He made me an offer to assist him in acquiring and flipping four properties and then he would fund a fifth property that would be all mine. When the fifth property came around, I placed an offer and the investor left me hanging. Lucky for me, a good friend believed in me and my abilities, he gave me a small show box with 100k which pushed me forward and the rest is history.” he shares.

David Albanese is a true inspiration to future entrepreneurs. He has managed to grow High Farms to be a “one of a kind brand.” In fact, it is the largest of its kind in Central California, while continuing to grow all of his other business ventures. Because of his dedication, hard-work, and expertise, he represents what it means to be a serial and diverse entrepreneur.

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