Meet The Entrepreneur That is Helping to Bring Back Confidence Into Your Life

For Katelyn Runck, embracing a healthy lifestyle saved her life. She went from being a 5’10 90lb “skinny agency model” to pursuing her career as a built, 150lb inspirational fitness model and lifestyle coach. She has transformed her life to be someone who is healthy and beautiful, not just on the outside, but inside. 

When Katelyn decided to pursue a career in the modeling world at the age of 17, she began adopting unhealthy habits into her life. She pushed herself to extremes, and began struggling with an eating disorder and addiction.

“I looked good in designer clothing, like a hanger but my weight dropped dangerously low maintaining 90lbs at 5’10 and my mental health was at a dangerous place. I ended up hospitalized on numerous accounts whether it was due to heart failure, liver and/or overdose. I suffered relapses. Something needed to change. I wanted to live,” she said.

She began treatment and was able to get her life back. After much thought, Katelyn decided she wanted to help people and became hooked on the beauty and wellness industry. She started her own Wellness Boutique and Clinic right after she finished school with the experience and education she had gained in the beauty, fitness and health world.

Katelyn is the owner of Lifestyle Savvy – Wellness Boutique & Medical Aesthetics Clinic, and Katelyn Runck Fitness – Nutrition and Fitness Coach. In 2018 her social media platforms took off, growing over a million followers organically in a year time which opened many doors and opportunities. She is a full time influencer and model that works with brands via her social media platforms.  Her motivation to get into this industry came from embracing a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

“We all have a story and I wanted to share my purpose and passion to hopefully touch and motivate others. My main motivation for running my business is knowing that I’m helping people gain confidence not only on the outside but most importantly on the inside too. I want to keep it raw, real, and relatable. If I can do it so can you,” she emphasized.

When she first started her business, she struggled with attaching her “self worth” to her work.

“This kind of pressure with the ups and downs can intensify issues like anxiety or depression which is something I have struggled with most my life. I had to learn to let go and trust the process,” she shared.

 She expressed how important it is to incorporate your hobbies, spend time with friends and family, and do things that interest you, while building up your business. It’s all about balance.

Mindset is extremely important for her when it comes to owning her own business.

“When the work gets tough, you have to try your best to maintain a positive attitude because that is essential for success. Energy is the fuel that feeds our attitude and it needs to be replenished on a daily basis. Being positive is a conscious choice, so when negative thoughts happen, I stop and replace them with positive affirmations,” she stated.

Her business is constantly growing and evolving, and for Katelyn it feels like there is never a dull moment in this industry. She has some big things in the works in regards to her brand, and will also be launching her very own app soon. Currently she’s working with the brands she loves, traveling, and sharing her insight & experiences with her followers.

Katelyn is making a living out of doing what she loves most. As a social media influencer, she is able to reach such a broad audience on her platforms, all around the world. Fitness and health helped her gain the confidence and happiness back into her life, and she wants to help everyone to feel this confidence in their lives too.

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