Outsourcing Marketing: The New Frontier

Marketing costs are ever increasing, as people strive to keep up with the latest developments in strategy, social media, and design. Using a marketing agency in the U.S. to stay cutting-edge will still set you back a pretty penny. The new frontier set to revolutionize marketing is outsourcing.  

No doubt you are familiar with IT outsourcing, but you may not have considered leveraging outsourcing to skyrocket your marketing ahead of the competition. The key to successful outsourcing is to look to nearby countries, which is known as nearshore marketing. Working with countries situated in a close time zone and with a similar culture provides the best opportunity for success.  

I’m the CEO and co-founder of Digifianz, Latin America’s Fastest Growing Inbound Marketing Agency (Impact Awards 2016). We are a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in Inbound Marketing. Our company is growing by giant leaps, and it works both within Latin America and within the U.S. As we establish ourselves as the go-to digital marketing agency in the Latin American market, we are also focusing on providing the best offsite marketing option for the U.S.  

Nearshore vs. Offshore

Not all outsourcing is created equally; there is an important distinction between nearshore and offshore outsourcing. Nearshore refers to regions that are in close time zones (South America and the U.S., for example). New York and Buenos Aires have just a one hour time difference (during daylight savings). Offshore regions, on the other hand, are further removed, with a time difference of six hours or greater. 

Outsourcing to regional (nearshore) companies provides various benefits, from shared office hours to cultural similarities, not to mention the lower cost.  Offshore outsourcing to countries on the other side of the world is cheaper, but it still comes at a price. Looking so far afield means less familiarity with cultural norms and greater language differences. In addition to these issues, working opposite hours results in realtime contact being limited or nonexistent.  

It is essential for marketing agencies to create close relationships with their clients, which is, of course, greatly facilitated by easy communication. Being able to jump on a quick call or message clients during the workday to resolve any questions or issues that may arise is priceless. By understanding the challenges they face as well as their goals, agencies develop a customized strategy for each individual client.

Nearshore to Argentina

Outsourcing to a developing country, such as Argentina, is a win-win for both you and the nearshore company. Sending some or all of your marketing projects to a nearshore specialist means huge cost savings compared to the marketing budget necessary for a U.S.- based agency, while still providing a fair wage for the off-site workers due to the lower cost of living. This strategy allows you to maximize your marketing budget and enjoy even greater success. 

Argentina, specifically, provides numerous benefits for companies considering outsourcing.  There are many cultural similarities between the U.S. and Argentina, such as a strong work ethic and direct communication style. Argentina also boasts highly educated professionals due to free higher education, even at the prestigious UBA (University of Buenos Aires).

The Secret Formula for U.S. Companies  

You may have thought that it was necessary to hire U.S. agencies for high-quality English content that meets or exceeds your standards. But in fact, select full-service Latin American marketing agencies provide a secret weapon: native English speakers. 

Dream Teams, as we call them, are comprised of expats who, for one reason or another, have made Latin America their home. Besides being native English speakers, these marketing specialists know the U.S. market, the culture, and the expectations. These English-speaking teams create personalized strategies, high-quality content, manage CRM (customer relationship management), and more, for both American and non-American companies that are geared towards an American market.  Moreover, these teams wield the best new strategy for propelling your marketing to the next level: Inbound Marketing. 

In brief, this highly successful strategy consists of providing free value-added content for your market, generating trust and developing a relationship, while also offering progressive Content Offers to turn your audience into leads and long-term customers.  

When evaluating your marketing options, you should consider outsourcing, and especially, outsourcing to nearshore companies. Nearshore agencies provide cost-effective, quality content without the time differences and culture gaps of offshore outsourcing. 

A few final recommendations: when analyzing a nearshore company, make sure to have a conversation on the phone to evaluate their English skills and familiarity with the U.S. case studies from prospective agencies are also a useful tool for assessing their quality of work and their fit.  

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