Tiffany Mai Is Revolutionizing The Food Industry

The mentality we have when starting a business is more important than the business or the product itself. 

We can all achieve what we want  with a healthy body and mind. This is the motto that has led the entrepreneur and expert in healthy foods Tiffany Mai to success.

“I called myself a serial entrepreneur,” said Mai who started her first company, an online clothing company, at the age of 17, then decided to get into the insurance industry, opening her own agency, and is now in the healthy food industry and is planning to release her first book titled “Sexy Foods.” 

As a single mother and a young millennial immigrant who started from nothing, Tiffany Mai is making an impact in the world of gastronomy.

Tiffany’s parents migrated to the United States when she was only 10 years old. Her father was captured in a concentration camp for 11 years when he was fighting in the Vietnam War. After he returned from the war, Tiffany was born. She admires her parents for taking care of Tiffany and her six siblings, three of whom were from her marriage and four were adopted. 

Tiffany spent her life in a continuous struggle. She said that history repeated itself only 5 years ago when she lost everything and became a single mother. It was then that she decided to take the reins of her life and start her own business.

“I was in a difficult place in my life that I needed to get out of. Now I run a successful insurance agency, and I decided to resume my health food company, starting with a project that I have been working on for quite some time, my own cookbook. And it is not just a cookbook, I give advice and tips on women empowerment as well.” She said. 

Mai, a millenial immigrant, has been able to travel all over the world and now she has enough financial security to share her knowledge and culinary experience with all those who wish to learn.

Mai also highlights her deep passion for serving others through food.

“My inspiration is the people for whom I have cooked and prepared meals. And also, to be able to show my daughter that she can do whatever she wants, if she believes in herself. I am not a chef, but I always had a passion for cooking for others,” 

Furthermore, Mai confessed that her biggest challenge when starting a business is staffing, logistics, and scaling of the business.

“The most difficult part is when you are a small business owner, because you do not have enough capital to grow, so you have to find other ways to achieve it strategically,” said the entrepreneur.

Tiffany has now demonstrated through her ideals, perseverance, and above all constancy, that everything that people want to achieve for themselves can be truly be achieved. Therefore, she has become an entrepreneur and fascinating businesswoman, capable of transmitting great advice to her followers through her story.

“My advice when starting a project is that you just have to start solving it as you go. Taking that initial risk at the beginning is what most people don’t even do. And to know that nothing goes according to plan, they have to be flexible and move with the changes. I don’t believe in a business plan because it is not really the reality in life. Things happen and we have to adapt,” said Mai.

So whether she’s starting a new business, writing a book, or just empowering women all together, Tiffany Mai is the perfect example of what it means to be a successful woman regardless of the obstacles that get in the way. 

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