Learn Elite Is The New Standard For 21st Century Education

Learn Elite is the new standard for online education, providing customized learning at an affordable price.

Anyone can create an online course, but not everyone can do it like Learn Elite can.

Learn Elite is a top learning platform for serial entrepreneurs & top influencers across the country to deliver customized online courses; ensuring they have tools to teach & empower millions of their followers.

When you think about Learn Elite and how this platform is changing the game of education, Miles Banks and Raphael Freelander are the masterminds behind it.

What motivated them to develop this program comes from years back:

“Being a child of divorce parents and simply seeing it my whole life, I saw that arguing over money tore families and relationships apart. The saddest thing is that people could get rid of all their financial struggles if they simply learned the right skills and habits to fix their situations. Once I realized this, I knew people require education and tools to elevate themselves. This simple concept is what motivates me and keeps me going,” shared Miles Banks.

Growing up, Miles & Raphael saw how the traditional education system was fundamentally flawed. The co-founders, intellectually curious, asked themself questions which most of their teachers couldn’t answer. This left them scouring the internet for hours on hours. In fact, when it comes to creating the platform, they credit most of their skills coming from watching YouTube and learning via social media.

From there, they began to envision a new system in which he could combine the teachings of the unique personalities and people he learned from on the Internet with education to the masses.

“ I firmly believe we are steadily approaching a confluence of events where consumers are frustrated with high education costs with no incremental value. Learn Elite will lead a new paradigm shift.” added co-founder Raphael Freelander.

Today, Learn Elite is a top digital learning platform constructed for individuals to push forward and learn from their homes or desktops at their own pace and ability.  This new idea is for the individual that wants to learn a big amount at their own pace with affordable prices.

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