Sergio Bruna is Taking Over The Latino Market

Sergio Bruna is the definition of an overcomer and overachiever. The 6.6 ft Latino & charismatic sales & business guru wasn’t always the successful Sergio we come to know today.

Having dealt with homelessness and unemployment at points of his life, Mr. Bruna understands that determination and hard work pay off.

“I know what it is to push forward no matter what and succeed in the end. Quitting is never an option. I choose fighting and moving forward towards your goals, no matter what obstacles get in the way,” shared Mr. Bruna.

Mr. Bruna’s life gave a 180 degree turn when at the age of 21 he decided to move to the United States and start his own business.

After years of being in the business of “voice over” and being around the media world, Mr. Bruna began to understand the gap in the Latino market for Late Night talk shows, so he decided to be the first by creating a National Talk Show Hit, “El Pelado de la Noche” .

The Latino talk show was very successful and it went on prime time National television. After his massive success with the show, Mr. Bruna decided to move on, and  put his charming and powerful demeanor into sales but now in the Energy Renewable world.

Mr. Bruna quickly went to establish himself as one of the top players of the industry having sold more than 600 million dollars of solar to this day.

Adding to his already impressive resume, Sergio Bruna now represents “Chevrolet” in the US Latino market and is the face of Chevy, having shot  over 100 TV spots to this day.

Years later, Mr. Bruna now dedicates a big portion of his time to developing cutting edge online sales training platforms, both in English and Spanish.

As a result of his years of massive success, Mr. Bruna is currently speaking on stages across the world motivating audiences with his powerful way of connecting and motivating people to change for the better.

To find more about Mr. Bruna’s success story, his businesses, and his coaching programs, please visit his website here.

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