5 Things to Consider When Buying a House

People say finding your dream home is a lot like finding the perfect partner. It might take a while, but when you find the one, you know you’ll always have the support of someone who just gets you. And when you find your dream home, you’ll always have the perfect place to unwind and make memories.

Buying a home also comes with a lot of responsibility. Just recently, our team spoke spoke with Barak Sky, CEO of The Sky Group, where he shared with us the top 5 things you should consider when making this life changing choice:

Here are the key take aways:

1- Identify your needs and preferences: Ask yourself what kind of home are you looking for and for how many people are going to live in the property. Differentiate your necessities with your desires. Have an economic plan and a reasonable budget.

2- Verify the physical structure of the property: It is necessary to make sure that the structure is in order, This way you will know that you are not paying in vain and you are not going to spend the rest of your salary and savings paying extra to fix something that simply sold you badly.

3- Location and neighborhood: This is extremely important. The location of your home is the location where you are going to unfold in. Make sure to have a long term plan to understand your preferences: whether you prefer a location with a good school, near your job or near grocery stores. It all depends on your preferences and goals.

4- Find out about all the procedures and steps you have to take- Research the legal steps you have to take and make sure you do this on a timely matter so you can obtain your home as soon as possible

5- Have the support of an adviser or expert: The most important part is to learn and advise yourself with someone whose expertise align with the market. These will prevent you from making a regrettable mistake and will help you get the house that better fits your needs.

For those of you who are ready to purchase a home, you may contact Barak Sky at

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