@BertoCanFly: Being Successful Starts From Within

Berto is a young software developer who made his dreams come true by working hard and relying on his faith. He shares his journey to success on his instagram account called @bertocanfly.

By doing this he aims to inspire others and send a message of self-improvement and encouragement to the over 150,000 people that follow him.

“I was an ordinary person that no one expected anything from. Then one day I grew tired of a life of mediocrity and I pushed my limits and did what some would say is extraordinary. My breakthrough was through faith and belief, and It allowed me to redefine what’s possible,” Berto shared with us.

Berto has managed to inspire his social media followers by giving them advice and ideas to chase their dreams while maintaining a truthful and healthy relationship with them. Nothing better illustrates the positive value of social media and influencers than Berto’s story.

Today, social media has become one of the best resources for inspiration and Berto has found a perfect balance between his faith towards god, his story of personal growth and, his success to tell his story while uplifting others and helping them to do the same.

What keeps Berto committed? It is the believe that having social media and access to a big platform is important to make people hear your voice and influence others in a positive way. Although Berto has materialized his success in his posts he often reminds us that money isn’t what success is all about and being successful starts within. All his posts are motivational quotations and images to inspire others while referring to his faith.

“I’m proof that the little guy can come out on top. No matter where you are in your life you can make it! Keep your faith in yourself and faith in god and never stop working towards your dream no matter how small the step is each day.. I believe in you. So go out and get what’s yours,” he said.

Berto is an amazing story of overcoming obstacles and success. And in the middle of all the noise in social media, Berto has managed to use his success not only for his advantage but to help and inspire others.

Connect with Berto on Instagram.

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